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Welcome to the GMB Wales & South West Region

The GMB is Britain's General Union - we have members from lots of different backgrounds and walks of life. We are a union for everyone

The GMB is organised into nine regions across the UK. This is the website for the Wales & South West Region - we have offices and branches and offices throughout the area. Find out more about our region

This site is a great place to find out about your rights, the benefits of being a member and the latest on our campaigns. If you're not already a member, you can join on-line or download an application form.

John Phillips
Regional Secretary

News from GMB Wales & South West


Base Porting of the Type 26 and Type 31 Frigates is crucial to jobs in the Dockyard and to secure the future of the Naval Base

Following the decision to base-port all of the Queen Elizabeth-class carriers at Portsmouth Naval Base, which has protected its future for next fifty years, unions are seeking reassurance that the majority of the next generation of frigates will be based at Devonport, securing the future of the largest naval operational base in Western Europe.

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GMB Members tell Parliamentary Committee About ‘Horrors’ of Gig Economy Work 11 Oct 2017

GMB Members working for Uber, Amazon and Hermes have told a Parliamentary Committee about the ‘Horrors’ of ‘Gig economy’ work, including one driver whose contract was terminated after the Preamture Birth of their c.hild

Rather than pretending it’s “their way or no way” and that they’re not bound to follow the laws of the land as all other employers are required to do, these companies need to play by the rules says GMB.

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